Saturday, August 23, 2014

Travelling around OZ - Quilt Project "Insanity"

Hello, No quilting photo's, this is a catch up post on our travelling.

We turned off the Stuart Highway and followed the signs to Batchelor, a small town close to Litchfield National Park. Cooled off in a plunge pool at the bottom of Wangi Falls. Breathtaking place with amazing scenery.

Our next stop was Yellow Water (Kakadu NT) no swimming here, we did the wildlife and sunset cruise on Yellow Water Billabong

We saw numerous species of bird co-existing with crocodiles, as you can see this "salty" came very close to this Jabiru bird who was catching a fish for his dinner.

The sunset was a beautiful sight with the reflexions of the trees on the water.

On dusk the saltwater crocodiles take to the water looking for dinner.

The next day we got up close and personal with one of the local residents.

I was not happy to be this close to this big fellow, the dingy I was in was smaller than the crocodile by at least a metre....

At Cahill's crossing we watched the water level reverse it's flow, several big crocodiles gathered on the low side of the crossing and as the water level reversed it rose high enough for the waiting saltwater crocodiles to swim from on side to the other. It was exciting to watch them pass over the crossing one by one from the safety of the river bank.

On leaving Yellow Water we are crossing the boarder from NT into QLD.

I will try and post again soon.

Happy quilting until next time


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Travelling around Oz - Quilt Project "Insanity"

Still working on covering my printed 1/2 inch hexagons.

We visited Nitmiluk Gorge, (name changed from Katherine Gorge to the aboriginal name Nitmiluk Gorge which means "Cicada Country"), we booked the Sunset Dinner Cruise which took us down the first two gorges as the setting sun turned the towering sandstone cliffs to a glorious shade of orange.

Nitmiluk Gorge winds alone 12km of sheer rock cliffs, they tower more then 70m high in some places and consist of 13 separate gorges, which contain a maze of waterways sculpted from sandstone.

On the way back we enjoyed a class of sparkling wine and a delicious three course candlelit meal, occasionally stopping to admire natures rugged beauty as we cruise down the Katherine River under a thousand stars shinning brightly above us. It was an OMG moment.

Another popular way to see the gorge is to hire canoes but we are to old for that challenge.

Until next time, happy quilting
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