Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ballerina Quilt - Samantha's Quilt - Finished

The time came to put the Ballerina quilt into the quilting frame, I used a prepackaged batting (meaning it was folded and squashed into a plastic bag by the manufacturer) I needed to let the batting 'rest' overnight. After taking it out of the plastic bag, the batting expand and most of the creases fell out.
The batting has a bonded edge 'scrim', that side will be go against the backing. To avoid bearding from coming through the top of the quilt, the 'scrim' side was place UP instead of DOWN. The Sandwich consisting of the 3 layers are put together, backing fabric is facing down, batting with the scrim is facing down, quilt top or flimsy is facing up is on the frame.

I am using Guttmann 100% cotton Col.5201 black thread on the top and also in the bobbin.

Below is a photo of the back of the quilt.

Here are a photo's of the quilting pattern Q-bot is quilting out and the quilt loaded onto the quilting frame. I choose an edge to edge pattern.

Finished at last and given to my granddaughter, who as you can see has wrapped herself up in it on the floor all nice and cosy, watching TV...

Until next time happy quilting

Skateboard Quilt – Jack’s Quilt

Skateboard Quilt – Jack’s Quilt
finished size 72½ x 93½ inches

It's been quite awhile since I've posted. Please accept my humble apologies.
As what happens with many of us, life simply got in the way.

To make this quilt I followed Jenny’s video tutorial from Missouri Star to make this quilt.

First I made the skateboard Deck. 42 blocks.
Cut 5 ̎x 10 ̎ Rectangles (assorted colours) you will need to cut 42 rectangle blocks
Cut 1½ ̎ strips of White (background colour)
Then cut them into 1½ ̎ squares (use to snowball rectangles)
Snowball the four corners of all the skateboard rectangles.

Make the Wheels

4 Strips of the following strip sets are required :
Cut 1½ ̎ x 4 strips of White (background fabric)
Cut 2 ½ ̎ x 4 strips of Black (Wheels fabric)
Cut 4 ̎ x 4 strips of White (background fabric)

Assemble Strip Sets in the following order I followed Jenny’s advice in the video tutorial and kept the fabric strips in order

Sew 4 strip sets together and cut 168 side wheels of the skateboard.
1½ ̎ x strips of White
2½ ̎ x strips of Black
4 x strips of White
1½ ̎ x strips of White
2½ ̎ x strips of Black
4 ̎ x strips of White

Remember to sew one side down one side then sew back from the other direction adding the next strip in the sequence as stated above. Press towards the dark side of the fabric, (as you go) then fold the strip set in half and cut 1½ ̎ x strips for the wheels. Then sew the Snowballed body of the Board to the 2 x 1½ ̎ x strips for the wheels to each rectangle.


Cut 2½ ̎ x 10 strips of White (background fabric)
Sew sashing between each skateboard and then one long strip between each row. Sew sashing at both ends add 6½ ̎ border to all 4 sides. Sandwich and quilt. Add label.
7 Rows Across x 6 Rows Down

Outside border
cut and sew 6½ strips to all four sides. I used the same fabric to back the quilt.

My grandson Rhyders with his quilt on his bed giving it the thumbs up.

Until next time happy quilting

Saturday, December 31, 2016

My UFO List for 2017.

Here is my UFO list for 2017, many of these quilts are in or have been in various stages of production for many years... my moto this year is to never give up hope. I will finish them, maybe 2017 will be the year. Here's hoping.

Work Like and Egyptian Quilt

Doctor Who Quilt - Mathew's 40th Birthday quilt.

Ballerina Quilt - Samantha's Quilt

Affairs of the Heart - How do I quilt it???

Minecraft Quilt - Erica's Quilt

Happy New Year to all.
Happy Quilting until next time.

Work Like and Egyptian - Ramses II and Chariot panel.

I have assembled Ramses II panel, he ruled for at least 66 years. He built all over Egypt and many of his statues and temples are still standing today.

I traced the pattern shapes onto the paper side of the fusible webbing, numbering each shape to match the pattern. Then using a dry hot iron, I ironed the fusible webbing papper side up onto the wrong side of my fabric, then I cut out the shapes.

Using the assembly template as a guide I put the paper template underneath the background material, I peeled off the backing paper and placed the pattern shape one by one in order on the background fabric, then I ironed them in place.

I used the Baking paper technique to assemble the chariot. I placed the pattern template on the ironing board, and covered it with baking paper. The baking paper allowed me to lightly iron and assemble the shapes piece by piece. without the fusible webbing sticking permanently to the baking paper.

The first Archer assembled and ready to be placed on the panel.

The finished panel was to long to take in one photo. The Two Archers, one Leopard and Ramses stallions pulling his Chariot are below.

Happy quilting until next time

Friday, December 9, 2016

Work Like and Egyptian - Sphinxes

Hear are my Sphinxes - I've cut out and assembled six of these little guys.

The Sphinxes was a mythical creature, with the head of a human and the body of a lion, many Egyptian Pharaohs had their heads carved atop of these guardian statues to stand guard over their tombs.

Sewing the raw edge applique with blanket stitch using the stitch length of 1.90.

Happy quilting until next time

Ballerina Quilt - Samantha's Quilt

I decided to make a pieced flimsy back for the Ballerina Quilt.

First step - Make the 4 Patch blocks:
Cut 9 Strips of Pink 2½" and 9 Strips of Black 2½" to make the 4 patches. 70 blocks were needed The strips were sewn together then the strips were cut into 2½" squares once they were cut they were pressed open by a hot iron. Then they were sewn together to form the 4 patch.

Second step - Making the Blocks:
Then I made the blocks by cutting 4½" x 10" rectangles, (70 blocks are needed) then these rectangles were sewn to the 4 patches, remembering to always place the black square of the 4 patch on the upper right hand side of the rectangle and then the 4 patch and the rectangle fabric were sewn together. I chain pieced all the blocks.

Third step - Placement of the Blocks to form the flimsy top:
Alternate the rows when sewing together, one block up and one block down. 14 blocks across and 5 Rows down.

Also I have been cutting and sewing the Ballerina shoes for the four borders. Using the same process as the ballerina's on the main panel - they are all raw edged appliqued to the background fabric using blanket stitch on my Janome sewing machine.

As you can see in the photo below I've finished the two side borders and I am nearly ready to sew the top and bottom borders on.

Here are the other borders.

Happy quilting until next time.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kaleidoscope Star Quilt for Breanna.

Breanna's Kaleidoscope Star Quilt is on the frame and the Q-bot is stitching out the design on the first row. I've been playing with the frame and Avanti machine using Q-Bot (automated quilting head) for a while now.

This is the design I chose to stitch onto the quilt top.

Below is the last line of quilting on the quilt top. I really loved this design. Had a few problems with restarts, its รก new learning process to master.

Here is a picture of the binding.

I only need to make 127 Kaleidoscope stars.

Here is the label on the back of the quilt

Another finish for 2016 happy quilting until next time.

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