Thursday, August 27, 2015

Is it a "Kaleidoscope quilt" or "One Block Wonder" quilt

I've decided to make a Kaleidoscope or my version of a One Block Wonder Quilt.

The challenge is to limit this quilt to "just one piece of fabric". I am using a large busy pattern piece of fabric it looks like something Picasso would paint, its very busy and has lots of what I need. This fabric needs to have the right mix of colours, the right number of colours, and enough change in the values and hues to add interest.

It was easy to work out the repeat of the fabric, aligning and pinning the pattern repeats together, stacking the fabrics exactly on top of each other six times and cutting the fabric strips, then cutting out six diamond shapes, making sure to keep these diamond units together until they are hand sewn together to create the Kaleidoscope effect.

The kaleidoscope star block when formed will have many patterns emerging from the fabric and what I love the most is everyone of these stars are different, I love this method as you don't know what you are getting until they are all sewn together, It's a total mystery.....

Each kaleidoscope star is unique. By using this technique for cutting material I've started looking at busy your face big print fabrics with lots of colour in a whole new way. Even if other quilter choose the same fabric, no two kaleidoscopes will be alike.

I only need to make approximately 127 Kaleidoscope stars, this should keep me busy until I come to assembling the quilt.

Happy quilting, until next time.


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