Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Travelling around OZ - Quilt Project "Insanity"

Hello there again! This is mainly another catch up post on our many things we have seen!

First off, we arrived in Fitzroy Crossing only stayed one night, we are here to see Geikie Gorge.

We booked the boat cruise and head off down the Fitzroy River to the see the magnificent sandstone cliffs of Geikie Gorge.

Our guide tells us about the history and we see the local freshwater crocodiles sunning themselves on the rock ledges....

Then we travelled to Lake Argyle, which has the coldest swimming pool I've ever been in.

Beautiful views as you can see its a lovely place to relax in the afternoon sun. Lake Argyle was created by damming the Ord River and formed a huge storage reservoir for the Ord Irrigation area.

It's the largest lake in the southern hemisphere, and supplies power the town of Kununurra.

We leave Lake Argyle three days later, our next destination is Katherine in the NT after parking up we visited the Katherine Hot Springs, which has a number of crystal clear pools winding through the trees with easy access.

Happy quilting until next time

Travelling Around OZ- Quilt Project "Insanity"

Good morning, I hope we are all happy Quilters.

My progress is slow but it's coming together nicely...."Insanity" as you can see I've nearly completed another line.

We have arrived into the town of Kununurra, which is known as the gateway to the Kimberley region. Kununurra has extensive waterways and rugged and breath taking landscapes. The Diversion Dam has 20 radial gates that are raised or lowered to regulate the water level of Lake Kununurra and maintains the water flow to the irrigation area (Ord River Irrigation Scheme).

Ivanhoe Crossing is a concrete causeway constructed as part of the original road from Wyndham to Katherine in the NT, due to the consistently high water levels the crossing is now closed to traffic, we didn't see any crocodiles but I am sure they were in the water.

At Wyndham we visited the Five Rivers Lookout at 330 meters above sea level the surrounding rangers provided a spectacular backdrop to Wyndham below.

Our Next stop will be Lake Argyle (still in WA) and then onto Katherine in the NT. Post soon.
Until then time, Happy quilting.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Travelling Around OZ - project number one" Insanity"

This is the first of three project I've taken with me to keep me busy while travelling around Australia (OZ) This quilt for a very good reason is called "Insanity" there are 10,339 hexagons which I have pre-cut and are ready to be sewn together by hand.

I was given the pattern and instructions from a quilting friend who is doing the same quilt at our quilting group, it was originally published in the Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine, Volume 16 No 6. Below is my attempt so far " Yes this is Insanity".

Yesterday, Monday we moved on from Sampson Point which was an ideal stopover to explore the Central Pilbara Coast. The town of Karratha which is home to the North West Shelf Project(Gas Plant)amazing place to see.

From the town of Roebourne we drove the 27kms on a dirt road to Harding Dam,

which has some dramatic scenery with the red Pilbara rocks contrasting vividly with the deep blue/green of the dam water.

Then we travelled to the abandoned town Cossack which was home to the North West's first established pearling industry, but due to the over fishing of the pearling grounds the pearling fleet moved to Broome, the town was then abandoned, it is now a popular tourist destination with many of the heritage building restored.

Below is my favourite picture so far its my DH in Coral Bay on the beach, he isn't hold a coin its the full noon. I love this photo.

We are staying near Port Hedland at Cooke Point.

Until next time Happy quilting

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