Thursday, November 22, 2018

DWR - Double Wedding Ring Quilt

For a long time I have wanted to make "The Double Wedding Ring" (DRW) quilt it has been one of the most challenging quilt patterns that I have make to date.

These are the different elements I used to make the Rings

2 coloured connecting corners - Shape B Cut 142 (71 Red & 71 Brown)

End of Arcs - Shape E Cut 142
End of Arcs - Shape E(R) Cut 142 (R) (reversed)
Middle Arcs - Shape D Cut 426 Sew 3 together to form Arc

Melons Cut 71

Cut 30 middle of DWR (White)

Pin one melon to one combined arc unit matching ¼" points and notches, starting at the centre and working to one end. At the end leave a ¼" ear of the melon sticking out, (you will have ¼" ear sticking out at both ends).

Starting sewing at ¼" crevice on at the end of the arc. Finger press towards the melon the Press seams with a hot iron. Note if the seam is not lying flat check the ¼" seam allowance and re-sew.

Mark ¼" points on 2 coloured connecting corners.

Pin and sew one of the 2 different coloured connecting corners to each end of one combined arc unit. Start and stop stitching at ¼" markings. Press seams toward squares (In the photo below I have not pressed the seams towards the squares. Mine are pressed towards the combined arc so I repressed the square seams to make them nest properly).

Pin and sew one combined arc with connecting corner squares to combined arc and the melon it's important to start and stop stitching at ¼" points of connecting corner. Press seam toward melon.

Make 71 combined units arcs and melons to make a Football.

Mark ¼" points on tips of middle of DWR shape.

Pin and sew one combined arc unit (football) to one middle of DWR matching notches and ¼" points. Start and stop stitching at ¼" points. Pin middle of DWR on top of footballs and centre. Press seams toward middle of DWR or in the direction that creates the least bulk at intersections.

Pin the seam allowance back. Don’t include the seam allowance. Start sewing from the End of the arc seam dot to dot which you have already marked.

Sew with middle of DWR on top remove pins as you sew

Pin and sew another football to the side of middle of DWR. Its important to start and stop stitching at the marked ¼" points. Don't sew the connector squares.
Continue to add footballs and middle of DWR in this manner to complete quilt top. When attaching other "footballs" to the centre it is important to not sew all the way through to the end of the connecting corners, leave these open and un-sewn. For the outside edges (border), the connecting corners can be stitched

Keep sewing "footballs" and centres (middle of DWR) together to make a row. The first row has "footballs" on three sides, but the additional rows only have "footballs" on three sides. Stitch the rows together, once again leaving the connecting corners unstitched.

Once the rows are sewn together you go back and stitch the open connecting corners on opposite side from each other. Press completed quilt top.

Layer quilt top with batting (Batting 83" x 102") and backing.

I am using my long arm quilting frame and Qbot to quilt the Double Wedding Ring.

Binding the edge with red bias binding.

Happy quilting until next time

Stars Over Baltimore Quilt

Stars Over Baltimore was my 2018 Project by Debbie from Piecing the Past Quilts @ it was a free sign up and the project was started on the 8th of January 2018 and ended on the 7th of May 2018. At the beginning of each month I received a pattern and instructions via email. Below is my completed flimsy. All I have to do now is sandwich and quilt it.
Happy quilting until next time.
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