Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mariner's Compass

Today I decided to blog about Foundation-Piecing this process involves stitching pieces of fabric onto a foundation, a drawn pattern. I had wanted to make a large Mariner's Compass for ages.

You can use Fusible Interfancing or freezer paper as the foundation, I have chosen to use a fusible interfacing as my foundation for this project. First I traced the design onto the fusible interfacing, the plan was to use the solid pencil lines as my stitching lines. I numbered all the drawn sections, these numbers will be used as a guide for the piecing sequence and fabric placement. The fabric is added to the unmarked side of the fusible interfacing and the stitching is done on the marked side of the fusible interfacing.

It's a simple process of pining the two fabric together to the unmarked side of the interfacing, then turning it over and sewing on the drawn line. I had to remember to check that the right sides of the fabrics were facing each other before I started stitching and also check that the fabric seam allowance extended beyond the dotted lines of the interfacing on all sides of the numbered area by at least 1/4" so the area was totally covered.

Turning the foundation over and trim this section using the printed foundation line as a guide to fold the fabric back along the seam that I've just stitched and trim the seam allowance to 1/4", then flip open and finger press the fabric over the area to be covered. Then I folded the fabric back using the pencil marked seam line on the interfacing and trimmed the edge of the fabric to a 1/4". I continued pinning, sewing and trimming the numbered sections in numerical order. It was finished in no time'

There are 8 sections to make

Here is the piecing completed for the outer Compass points section.

Only another 7 sections to make.

Ta da three sections sewn together....

Nearly finished

Until next time happy quilting

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