Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Final Borders - Insanity quilt

I have been making progress on my sons "Insanity quilt", as you can see I have finished sewing a verity of black and grey hexagons together for the final hexagon border. Then I have appliqued the final border in place.

I decided on a 6½ black border, I used a quilting stencil to trace the Cable Border design onto the quilt top prior to quilting. This 3¼ (8.2cm) stencil has grooves cut into the plastic which forms the diamond designs and cable patterns. The grooves were traced with a "Clover" White Marking Pen to create lines on the black fabric border, they will show me where to stitching once I have sandwiched the quilt top together.

I didn't have a stencil for the corner, below is the design I came up with...

Below is a photo of two stencilled corners.

Until next time happy quilting


1 comment:

  1. That's perfect for the border Anne.
    Congrats on the flimsy top.....and your still sane!


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