Saturday, August 18, 2012

WIP - Paper-Piecing Stars

Yippee! I have just finished more stars for Dylan's quilt. I used the Strip sew method to make these stars.

Strip sewing begins with long strips of fabric cut the same width and length. Fabric strips can be any width, but I want my 60 - degree star blades to be 2" the measurement I needed to cut my fabric is 1¼" by the width of the yardage (usually 44 inches). Then the two fabric strips are placed right side to right side and sewn with ¼" seam allowance, the seam
Dark fabric in the middle

is pressed open, a triangular ruler is then placed along the outer edge of the fabric, at a 60-degree angle. The pieced fabric strip is cut along the angle . This cut is repeated along the length of the fabric strip at 2" lengths. The result is a set of pieced fabrics cut in triangles.

Light Fabric in the middle

The Tube strip method was used to make the following stars.  I've gotten a few done!!


love the colour combinations

I will post more stars soon, better get busy and cut more yummy fabric.

Until next time happy quilting


  1. Great way to do them Anne...they are looking fab.
    Love all the colour combinations too...
    Julia ♥

  2. Hello Julia,
    Yes - I am very happy with the way they are turning out, still got a long way to go before I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Hi, Anne, Julia sent us over, so I knew you are a quilter in good company! I am follower #4, and I'm glad to meet you ~

  4. Hi Anne! Welcome to blogland! Pretty stars - plenty to do there:)

  5. Nice to meet you Ane, and welcome to the bloggers world.
    I love paper piecing too, I'm working on my second hexie quilt, but your stars look so attempting...

  6. Hi Anne, have just signed up to follow you, have enjoyed the read so far. Love the hexagon stitching.

  7. Hi Anne
    Just popping over from Julia's blog.
    Welcome to Blogland. I am signing up to follow you. I just have to see more of the star quilt story!
    New Zealand

  8. Hola!! bienvenida al mundo de los blogs, un saludo desde Barcelona, Reyes.

  9. Great star blocks Anne and welcome to blogland. Take care

  10. Nice stars. I am assuming you used paper or template plastic to sew these. Love the colors you are using. Blog land is a world of knowledge and friendship. :-)))

  11. Welcome to blogland your blocks...


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