Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Travelling around OZ

Hello Everyone - DH and I are traveling around OZ' and are currently in Coral Bay WA, which is glorious. We are going around OZ clockwise and should be in Darwin by August. I have taken three hand sewing projects with me.

Our next stop will be Exmouth for 7 nights.
Will keep you posted.


  1. Great to see your post Anne
    It's freezing down here.
    Have fun and safe travelling...
    Julia ♥

  2. What an amazing trip you are planning! I hope you will post some scenic photos too. Will you continue on from Darwin?

    1. Whoo hoo! Nothing beats the feeling of hitting the open road with our caravan in the rear-view mirror (still hooked up to the car, of course! ). After Darwin we are going to try and stay on Highway No 1 as much as possible, one thing's for sure, we're bound to meet and see all sorts of fellow travellers on the road – those who can pack everything into their vans including the kitchen sink, that guy who can reverse a caravan blindfolded into a small bay without a word (that's definitely not us) and the 'fish whisperer' who can catch all kinds of fish even in smallest amount of water and with very little bait. I will try and post some interesting photos on our way around OZ.


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