Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ballerina Quilt - Samantha's Quilt - Finished

The time came to put the Ballerina quilt into the quilting frame, I used a prepackaged batting (meaning it was folded and squashed into a plastic bag by the manufacturer) I needed to let the batting 'rest' overnight. After taking it out of the plastic bag, the batting expand and most of the creases fell out.
The batting has a bonded edge 'scrim', that side will be go against the backing. To avoid bearding from coming through the top of the quilt, the 'scrim' side was place UP instead of DOWN. The Sandwich consisting of the 3 layers are put together, backing fabric is facing down, batting with the scrim is facing down, quilt top or flimsy is facing up is on the frame.

I am using Guttmann 100% cotton Col.5201 black thread on the top and also in the bobbin.

Below is a photo of the back of the quilt.

Here are a photo's of the quilting pattern Q-bot is quilting out and the quilt loaded onto the quilting frame. I choose an edge to edge pattern.

Finished at last and given to my granddaughter, who as you can see has wrapped herself up in it on the floor all nice and cosy, watching TV...

Until next time happy quilting

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