Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Skateboard Quilt – Jack’s Quilt

Skateboard Quilt – Jack’s Quilt
finished size 72½ x 93½ inches

It's been quite awhile since I've posted. Please accept my humble apologies.
As what happens with many of us, life simply got in the way.

To make this quilt I followed Jenny’s video tutorial from Missouri Star to make this quilt.

First I made the skateboard Deck. 42 blocks.
Cut 5 ̎x 10 ̎ Rectangles (assorted colours) you will need to cut 42 rectangle blocks
Cut 1½ ̎ strips of White (background colour)
Then cut them into 1½ ̎ squares (use to snowball rectangles)
Snowball the four corners of all the skateboard rectangles.

Make the Wheels

4 Strips of the following strip sets are required :
Cut 1½ ̎ x 4 strips of White (background fabric)
Cut 2 ½ ̎ x 4 strips of Black (Wheels fabric)
Cut 4 ̎ x 4 strips of White (background fabric)

Assemble Strip Sets in the following order I followed Jenny’s advice in the video tutorial and kept the fabric strips in order

Sew 4 strip sets together and cut 168 side wheels of the skateboard.
1½ ̎ x strips of White
2½ ̎ x strips of Black
4 x strips of White
1½ ̎ x strips of White
2½ ̎ x strips of Black
4 ̎ x strips of White

Remember to sew one side down one side then sew back from the other direction adding the next strip in the sequence as stated above. Press towards the dark side of the fabric, (as you go) then fold the strip set in half and cut 1½ ̎ x strips for the wheels. Then sew the Snowballed body of the Board to the 2 x 1½ ̎ x strips for the wheels to each rectangle.


Cut 2½ ̎ x 10 strips of White (background fabric)
Sew sashing between each skateboard and then one long strip between each row. Sew sashing at both ends add 6½ ̎ border to all 4 sides. Sandwich and quilt. Add label.
7 Rows Across x 6 Rows Down

Outside border
cut and sew 6½ strips to all four sides. I used the same fabric to back the quilt.

My grandson Rhyders with his quilt on his bed giving it the thumbs up.

Until next time happy quilting

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