Friday, January 11, 2013

Update Dylan's Quilt

Progress - It has been hard to stick with it over Christmas and the New Year!!!  But I have done it the front & back centre panels are finished. I kept telling myself to keep going, keep stitching, keep moving on to the next row, don't stop because if I stopped, it was never going to get done.
Edge of quilt -using Elmer's Glue and heat setting with hot iron
I'm now ready to applique the green border fabric, I cut eight, 6" border strips parallel to selvedge, down the full length of the 2.2m green border fabric. (4 strips for the front and 4 strips for back) The border fabric is cut wider than the finished width, as I will lose some of the border fabric when it's applique under the edge of the quilt centre panels.

Well I had better get cracking --- lots of hand sewing to do.

Until next time happy quilting

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