Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Affairs of the Heart" - 2 down 34 blocks to go

I am using "Front Basting" Applique to do these blocks. This technique is super easy - no freezer paper, no glue, and no pins are used to hold the applique pieces in place. Instead the applique is machine basted in place.

This technique is so simple all you have to do is draw the design (which will later become your basting sewing line) on the back of the background fabric, pin a large piece of fabric that is large enough to cover the whole shape to be appliqued on to the right side (front) of the background fabric.

Then simply machine sew on the wrong side (back) of the background fabric with the applique piece pined in place on the front, following the drawn design line made earlier, making sure to stitch exactly on the design line on the back of the background fabric. The fabric is  now basted to the front of the background fabric and ready to be appliqued in place.

Trim around the basted shape leaving a scant ¼" or even less a scant ⅛". Then needle turn (applique) the basted fabric in place by removing a couple of basting stitches (only two or three) at a time follow the perforations left in the fabric by the removed basting stitches. The applique fabric will want to turn under and follow the perforated basting line naturally.

And so far it has been so easy to use this applique technique and the results are great.

Until next time happy quilting


  1. Thanks Anne for this information. I haven't yet tried this method of applique but it sounds great. Take care.

  2. Sounds fascinating...never heard of this before. Your block looks very pretty.


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