Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Affairs of the Heart" 6 down 30 blocks to go

"Affairs of the Heart" block 6 - These blocks are so beautiful.

Ooops!! I forgot the colour rule of applique: Threads must match the colour of the applique fabric not the background fabric. Yep I have unpicked all the offending blocks. I must also remember to choose threads that are darker than the applique fabric.

And the best way I have found to end my threads is to use the "Double Tailor's Knot" This knot was used by tailor's who made garments by hand. This knot is very, very strong and will not come undone.

I take the needle to the back of the applique block then tension the last stitch by holding your thumb over the thread, I then lay my thread in a circle away from myself to form the circle. Passing the needle under the thread of the circle and into the background fabric catching a few threads (make sure you don't come through the applique on the other side) then pass needle up through the centre of the circle, by pulling the thread tightly, the knot is then formed,  the Double Tailor's Knot is formed by repeating the above steps in the same place.

Until next time, happy quilting


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  1. Your block is so nice, Anne; yes what a difference the right threads make!! Intersting re the Tailor's knot; I will have to try this one...thanks for the explanation.


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