Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Work Like an Egyptian - Carver & Hieroglyphics

Wow ...Did you know that the Egyptian carvers only had bronze chisels and hammers to carve into the stone and leave these hieroglyphics writings behind.

My hieroglyphic carver has turned out so well on this panel. I am going to blanket-stitches around the applique shapes using two strands of matching embroidery thread, and stem-stitch the hieroglyphics.

I am busy fusing the shapes in place to make the Lotus Flower side panels, the one below will join onto the above carver panel.

Here is how it was done.

Started by removing the backing paper from the applique shape and fusing applique shape no 1(the green stems) into place with a hot dry iron, as you can see I am using the pattern sheet as a guide, which I have covered with baking paper to assemble the shapes on.

then I positioned applique shape no 2 and fused them into place,

applique shape no 3 is overlapped and fused in place with a hot dry iron

applique shape no 4 has been positioned and fused in place and my Lotus Flower is taking shape.

The completed applique Lotus Flower is ready to be removed from the baking paper and fused to the background rectangle fabric.

I need to make four of these Lotus Flower panels, so I still have two more panels to get ready.

Happy quilting until next time

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  1. Hi Anne, I have just purchased this pattern from Smee designs and come across your blog. You doing a great job. (I can see it is a very on-going project! But you obviously have heaps on the go). It is looking fantastic, hope you get it finished soon. I will be watching your blog with interest. I have only just got back into applique and patchwork after a long break - nothing like a challenge!


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