Friday, December 9, 2016

Ballerina Quilt - Samantha's Quilt

I decided to make a pieced flimsy back for the Ballerina Quilt.

First step - Make the 4 Patch blocks:
Cut 9 Strips of Pink 2½" and 9 Strips of Black 2½" to make the 4 patches. 70 blocks were needed The strips were sewn together then the strips were cut into 2½" squares once they were cut they were pressed open by a hot iron. Then they were sewn together to form the 4 patch.

Second step - Making the Blocks:
Then I made the blocks by cutting 4½" x 10" rectangles, (70 blocks are needed) then these rectangles were sewn to the 4 patches, remembering to always place the black square of the 4 patch on the upper right hand side of the rectangle and then the 4 patch and the rectangle fabric were sewn together. I chain pieced all the blocks.

Third step - Placement of the Blocks to form the flimsy top:
Alternate the rows when sewing together, one block up and one block down. 14 blocks across and 5 Rows down.

Also I have been cutting and sewing the Ballerina shoes for the four borders. Using the same process as the ballerina's on the main panel - they are all raw edged appliqued to the background fabric using blanket stitch on my Janome sewing machine.

As you can see in the photo below I've finished the two side borders and I am nearly ready to sew the top and bottom borders on.

Here are the other borders.

Happy quilting until next time.

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