Saturday, December 31, 2016

Work Like and Egyptian - Ramses II and Chariot panel.

I have assembled Ramses II panel, he ruled for at least 66 years. He built all over Egypt and many of his statues and temples are still standing today.

I traced the pattern shapes onto the paper side of the fusible webbing, numbering each shape to match the pattern. Then using a dry hot iron, I ironed the fusible webbing papper side up onto the wrong side of my fabric, then I cut out the shapes.

Using the assembly template as a guide I put the paper template underneath the background material, I peeled off the backing paper and placed the pattern shape one by one in order on the background fabric, then I ironed them in place.

I used the Baking paper technique to assemble the chariot. I placed the pattern template on the ironing board, and covered it with baking paper. The baking paper allowed me to lightly iron and assemble the shapes piece by piece. without the fusible webbing sticking permanently to the baking paper.

The first Archer assembled and ready to be placed on the panel.

The finished panel was to long to take in one photo. The Two Archers, one Leopard and Ramses stallions pulling his Chariot are below.

Happy quilting until next time


  1. Hi Anne,
    Did you finish the Egyptian Quilt? I am interested in purchasing it, but want to know how difficult it is. Thanks for sharing.


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